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Thread: This is what I mean

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    This is what I mean

    Here's a typical "slam" that I constantly read on message boards..this comming from the granddaddy of all boards:

    "Scan some Archie comic books, he was a fudgepacker. Pretty much all the superheroes are too."


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    I do feel with you on this...

    I just have had enough of it myself...

    The homophobic BS that goes on, especially at the same board you mentioned...

    I made a post, which I usually don't do on GFY, in yet another homophobic thread... and the morons just had to attack my grammar. Saying it was a gay thing.

    Personally, I've always played my life and business hand as I'm Gary-Alan who happens to be gay - one had nothing to do with the other. But how can I when this bullshit still persists.

    I am very reluctant to even put this link here, but I'm going to anyway:

    They can all go fuck themselves!

    Ok I'm done ranting...

    Hugs all! And Love to all my sista and brutha here!


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    Good response Gary-Alan!

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