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Thread: Question about selling videos

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    Question about selling videos

    Hi everyone,

    I'm hoping that someone on here has some experience in this area because I know absolutely nothing about it (well, almost nothing!).

    I've been hired by a small, independent filmmaker (who makes fetish videos) to help re-design his website (which is in god-awful shape), market it, run the store…basically run the whole operation with the exception of making the videos.

    I know a lot about website development and promotion, but not a lot about distributing videos. Currently, he's just selling them in a shopping cart through iBill, but I'm planning in getting him set-up with a merchant account and do the billing through NetBilling soon.

    Right now, he's only selling VHS tapes, but I'd like to start offering DVDs.

    I guess my questions are…

    Can anyone offer me any advice on selling these things? How difficult is it to get them distributed and possibly sold in adult video stores (it's a pretty well known company for those that are into this)?

    What is the process of getting the older tapes transferred over to DVD? Is there someplace that would do this, duplicate them, and also design the cover for the DVD case (& maybe for the VHS tapes too)?

    And, probably most importantly…what are the legal issues with shipping these? They're not really sex or hardcore…mostly pretty soft-core spanking videos. Could we get into trouble shipping them to some states (like Utah?!).

    Any other advice on this subject would be GREATLY appreciated!

    As always…thanks for the input! )


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    I've been selling videos on line for nearly 8 years now. Yes, you can get into a shitload of trouble selling tapes but there is no "definitive" answer on where not to sell them, because any sheriff can get a hard-on against gay porn and bust you.

    That being said ... email me for some specific advice, a lot of it from an attorney

    Duplication from master tape to DVD is fairly inexpensive, only the glass master will set you back. Distribution is tricky ... you have to know where to go so you don't end up with $2 per product

    rick at lightbluehanky dot com

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    Thansk for the advice Rick...I'll be emailing ya!

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    Distribution is a tricky thing, you have to just be presistant and get video stores and sites excited about your product. The best way is to try and collect local gay papers from each market and talk to them dierctly.

    As for places not to ship to:

    Armed Forces
    Alabama - Zip codes with 366
    Kentucky - Zip codes with 681, 685
    Nebraska - Zip codes with 681, 685
    North Carolina - Zip codes with 282
    Tennessee - Zip codes with 282
    Puerto Rico
    Virgin Islands

    These are places where pornography is illegal or Gay porn is illegal. I dont think you have to worry to much about the police in other areas, if they find porn coming through the postal system they are breaking the law by going through the mail...that is a federal law, not a local one.

    If you have any other questions feel free to contact me!, Bringing live feeds, video streaming, and galleries to you!

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    Thanks Airmy...thats exactly what I was looking for!

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    Anytime Joey!, Bringing live feeds, video streaming, and galleries to you!

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