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Thread: Those $%&*@!? Pop-Ups!!!

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    Those $%&*@!? Pop-Ups!!!

    Ok, I have a question I'm hoping someone can help me out with here. Does anyone know how to stop those damn pop-ups that pop-up while you're working? I think they're coming through Windows messenger. I was able to turn them off for a while (but I can't remember how I did it...), but they've started up again.

    Sometimes I leave the room & I come back to 10 or 12 of them on my screen.

    Does anyone know how to get rid of these things? They're driving me CRAZY! LOL

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    I know exactly how you feel. I recently had the same thing happening to me when I realized I must of downloads sometype of spyware or adware without really knowing I did it.

    I changed all my security levels and deleted cookies and still had the same problem. A friend told me about Spy Sweeper from Webroot I tried several different programs and nothing worked until I tried this one. In a minute I found I downloaded an ad transponder that was the culprit and it cleaned it off the system... I highly recommend it.

    The free version works but they look for you to subsrcibe to get the updated definitions. I think it's worth it!

    Hope this helps!


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    Thanks GaryAlan...I'll definately give it a try!

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    You guys don't need any special software...I know some businesses out there will hate this-but FUCK them! It's goddamn annoying!

    Here's how to do it:
    1. Click Start, Settings, and Control Panel.
    2. Click Performance and Maintenance.
    3. Click Administrative Tools.
    4. Double-click Services.
    5. Scroll down and select Messenger.
    6. Right-click the highlighted line and choose Properties.
    7. Click the Stop button.
    8. Select Disable or Manual in the Startup Type scroll bar.
    9. Click OK.

    Alternatively, you can follow these steps to disable Messenger Services
    from Windows:

    1. Click Start and Run.
    2. Type services.msc in the Open box and click OK
    3. Scroll down to Messenger in the right pane.
    4. Double-click Messenger and click the General tab.
    5. Under Service Status, click the Stop button.
    6. In the Startup Type drop-down box, select Disable.
    7. Click Apply and OK.
    8. Restart the computer.

    Windows Messenger Service windows should no longer pop up on your screen.

    You may have to alter some of the steps too get to certain tools, but it is pretty easy to do.

    Good luck! IT WORKS!


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    Digital Mojo1
    This website checks your computer for spyware automatically. Simply go to this page (make sure your scripts are enabled) and it will perform a system check.

    If you have spyware (parasites) on your computer, it gives you instructions on how to remove them. I use the following software as well:

    It's free and does a pretty good job of not only removing spyware from your system, but it also has the option of "immunizing" your system against future unwanted installations. I've had better luck with SpyBot than I have with Ad-Aware.

    To prevent "drive-by" installations of spyware, first remove all known parasites from your computer, then go into your Internet Security settings and disable ActiveX and scripting. It will mess up some websites but most of them should still work fine.

    Finally, use a different browser. Rather than use IE, try Netscape or Mozilla, which are less vulnerable to attack.


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