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Thread: Calling all Amateurs...

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    Calling all Amateurs...

    Hi guys,

    I hope this isn't too "spammish", but since I'm not "selling" anything I hope I won’t get into too much trouble…. One of the largest sites on the Net that provides live streaming amateur cam feeds is about to launch it's Gay site next week and they've partnered with yours truly to help promote the launch of the site.

    If you're gay and run an amateur members site and would be interested in signing up, please get in contact with me for full details (hell, if you're not gay but don't mind guys watching you…you can still contact me…).

    Some of the benefits are free hosting of your site and the ability to earn $105/hr while doing live one-on-one shows. Also, all of the other online cams are available to your members in your member's area (& you earn $52/hr for any referrals for one-on-ones that come from you). This is a great way to get a LOT of (free) exposure for your site because 1000's of people will be watching these shows and if they like what they see…they will come to your site and join!

    The best way to keep and retain members is by having video on your site, and this is an awesome way to provide it for free!

    Hopefully I'll be hearing from some of you soon!

    Take care.

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    Only kiddin' Joey!


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    Guest nice to me..I'm only trying to make a livin' here! LOL

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