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    Holly Python1


    New to the Board-- Sort of--

    Hello Everyone,

    It has been awhile .... I just wanted to give everyone an update.. I have left Cybersocket as I wanted to be closer to my home in Boston and wanted to leave Los Angeles.... And experience new places

    The split was friendly and Cybersocket was a great experience for me and I will forever recommend advertising with them to everyone.. They are a great company with great people like our favorite board members Jakey Poodles, Scott and Percy.. I will miss them all...

    I thought about leaving the industry but after talking with my mom, who totally supports me.... I decided I would really miss it so ..... I am now working for Python, managing their gay sites... I look forward to seeing all of you and working with all of you.....And if you are in Toronto give me a call as I don't know my way around yet...

    Thanks Guys xoxoxoxoxo Holly

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    Hey Holly...Saw your post and just wanted to wish you good luck in your new position and new town. I hear Toronto is a great city. Big change from Hell A! Pray for the rest of us stuck here! Kidding-I love it here, so far...anyway, this is Tony of ContentGuys. We met briefly at the Mansites party in the bedroom--ooooh!

    See you around the boards.


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    Holly Python1
    Hey Tony,
    How are you? You werent supposed to mention the bedroom and what we did LOL just kidding... Hey call me would love to catch up and chat and meet in FLA if you are going...416.534.5000 ext 230

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    Congratulations on you're move.

    I had a similar situation when I went to work for YNOT back in 1999. I liked working for Rick and working with the group we had there, but I was just not fond of my LA experience.

    I hope this move brings you MUCH happiness and success. Python is a GREAT company filled with some of the best people I have ever met in this industry!

    Best wishes and love,

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    Congrats on the job move hon

    Will we be seeing you in San Diego at the end of the month?



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    Holly Python1
    Thanks So much Gary and Lee... I appreciate the support ... Not sure if I will make it to San Diego or not... But we should catch up!!!

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    toronto sucks! freeze in winter and roast in summer and besides why live in a city that everyone else in Canada loves to hate

    luck with python for sure tho!

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