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Thread: Email on the Go

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    Email on the Go

    Anyone who knows me knows I am an email ADDICT. As soon as I get up in the morning I shuffle into the office to check my email before my first pee. Anytime I'm out during the day I'm always wondering if someone has emailed me back about something.

    Unfortunately, I've never gone out and bought anything that would help keep me in touch while I'm away from my computer other than my cell phone. I'm spending more time out of the house during the day and doing more work later in the evening and I'm thinking it would be great to be able to stay on top of things while I'm out running errands, etc.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions so that I can keep a check on my email while I'm out during the day? I thought about getting one of those Blackberry things, but I've never really talked to anyone that has one to see how they work. Also, can you access more than one email address with them (I have about 7)?

    Hope someone has some suggestions. Thanks!

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    Mr. Licious1
    I believe some of the wireless phone companies are providing an email and text messaging option on phones equiped for that. You might want to check on that.

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