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    For Immediate Release

    GA Media Corp launches the Adult Webmaster Toolbar

    The Adult Webmaster Toolbar, a new resource facility that allows adult webmasters to find industry information on the go.

    Daytona Beach, Florida USA - June 12, 2003 - GA Media Corporation launches the today. The new webmaster tool is designed to allow webmasters to navigate industry information from a single browser toolbar. Webmasters can find a multitude of resources, community forums, online statistics, news and information directly without combing browser history or endless bookmarks. The Adult Webmaster Toolbar will bring them right where they want to be. As it has received high marks from industry and beta partners, this automated adult webmaster resource is expected to receive high traffic upon its launch.

    “The Adult Webmaster Toolbar has been developed with the webmaster in mind. We discussed the features with our test group to see if a tool like this would be used and what features they wanted to have. This is about the webmaster, so we have included quick links to popular forums, program stats pages they decided on, as well as news and information they look for. In a sense, the Adult Webmaster Toolbar incorporates the entire webmaster community and attaches it to the browser window.” Gary Alan, CEO GA Media Corp.

    “More than a beginning of a very valuable product for the adult webmaster community…” Gary Kremen, CEO and Founder -

    The "resources on the go" approach of Adult Webmaster Toolbar will give the user the information they want through a simple add-on to their browser window. The toolbar, and accompanying web site, offers those companies marketing services and product a highly visible vehicle for industry exposure.

    To download your free copy of the Adult Webmaster Toolbar application or for more information please visit:

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    Are there any rules for being listed?

    I typed in something to test the toolbar, and what I wanted didn't come up, but I clicked on an interesting link that put me in such a popup loop I had to shut down IE totally -- close one, the next came up, closed it, the first came up, closed it, the second came up, and it repeated and repeated and would not stop.

    Sites like that simply should not be in any adult search engine type tool and should be banned from the industry.

    *slightly ticked off*

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    Next time send us an email. We would gladly look into it.


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    The problem is I'm not sure where I clicked, and I don't want to go through it again .. .but I will for you

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    Thanks for letting us know about this.

    We will be adding a 'report' link to the site sometime later this week therefore, if you ever find any listings like this again you will be able to have them killed within minutes/hours.

    Gary / Myself look forward to hearing from you if you do happen to find that link



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