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Thread: Nice Board :)

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    Nice Board :)

    Just dropping by to say hello. Nice board, keep up the good work guys!

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    Thanks, Pornjester!

    I decided that since we had the same posting board since 1997 it was time to clean up the past and move into the future!

    Hope we can do some work together in the future!


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    Hope we can do some work together in the future!

    I'd love to work with any ideas you may have on how we can help each other out, drop me an email anytime.. info AT

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    will second that one pornJester very nice board. Hope it brings everyone out to post.

    Bent Bucks

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    So do *I* BentBoys LMAOPIP

    I will say this and the stats prove it everytime... we have TONS of lurker and only a few active posters. It's been this way since my first board went online in 1998.

    I just wish we'd break from tradition a bit LOL


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    Having been a adult webmaster for a good three and a half years now. I've got to say im guilty of lurking myself, My excuse is two fold.

    1. I was just plain shy
    2. I am realy realy busy

    Im wondering if there are other reasons gay webmasters are less active on the boards perhaps this might be a good discussion thread.

    I think networking is very important unfortunatly I live in Oz so its a bit hard for me to get out and have a few drinks on the weekend, the boards are the only way for me to interact with other like minded people.

    I realy would like to see some of the quieter webmasters come out and have a say. Everyone has something to learn from each other.

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