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Thread: Straight people crack me up sometimes!

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    Straight people crack me up sometimes!

    Ok, I posted a few days ago about helping a company get started with gay amateur cams. They've been doing this for about 2 years with girls and they want to branch out and try the gay market. So, they hired me to help get them started. I got this email yesterday....

    "Joey...I am just adapting the graphics to fit the niche. I have no idea on "gay" etiquette ...... so is adding a crown to the logo something that would offend? I hear gay people call each other Queens all the time but not sure if insinuating that with the crown would offend...I think it could look pretty cool and make it stand out but I wont add that if you think it will upset people."

    I have to admit this made my day...poor thing...he was trying....

    What would you guys have told him?

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    That is precious.. but oh so prevalent in this industry.

    I would have told him The only crown around here sits on this queens head.

    We have a running joke between my straight girl friends and I... They all joke about being queen for half-a-day - 'cause that's about as long as Gary would let us sit on his throne.

    BTW, from your tone you did get him to shy away from that approach, right? hhehehehe

    All joking aside I have clients who try like that too. I should have t-shirts made that say It's one thing coming from another gay man BUT let a straight man say it and you're as good as dead!


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    Oh yeah...I told him it was a cute idea, but it might not be the best approach for this type of site. He didn't quite understand why, but he changed the logo anyway....


    PS... remind me not to get anywhere near Gary-Alan's throne (or crown!)

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    hrmmm.....this is kinda funny. I read the topic and clicked on this with a bit of excitement, then I realised the topic was NOT:
    "Straight people up me crack sometimes"

    Put straight people and crack in the same line and I just get too excited



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