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Thread: I need advice on content

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    I need advice on content

    I'm having a really hard time finding gay niche content, the only thing I can find is twink. I can't find quality leather, bear, barebacking, mature, etc.

    Now sites like AEBN and NakedSword are loaded with this content.

    My question is how do they get it And how can I get it?

    I want the content to use on my own sites, and not have to promote them through an affiliate program, I want to license the same content they use for my own sites

    any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks

    ps - sorry I didnt see Gary-Alan and Lee in Montreal, hopefully I can hear you speak another time


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    We didnt go to the Montreal show

    Had some stuff that was more important we had to take care of

    We will def be at the Florida show in August though

    Hmm content... take a look at you should find osme providers listed there thatll have what you need

    You know where i am if ya need me bud.



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    Thanks Lee

    great list but I'm also trying to find downloadable videos I can buy, for gay AND shemale.

    That list has lots of plugin stuff, but nothing thats downloadable.

    I'm aware of ounique, max pixels and, but those dont have a lot of shemale, and theyre all vanilla sex, nothing fetish or kinky.

    I'd love to find a provider that has a shitload of downloadable shemale and gay fetish/kink/unusual content

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    Have I got a content provider for you!!! Check out We have all kinds of gay bear, leather, tranny, fetish content. And we are having a huge sale right now where you can get 50% off your order if you order 50 or more items. The website has more details on that.

    If you have any questions feel free to email me at, or just hit "Real Person" on our website to chat with me live during office hours. I'm also on ICQ #137899310. Take care.

    Keep Groovin',
    Don Mike
    Ounique, Inc.

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    Marc -

    Check out the content at We have serveral products that will keep your members happy.

    Both Live and Raw and the Live And Raw Hotel have won awards from Cybersocket, and their viewers.

    We also have content from premere gay magazines Unzipped, Freshmen, Men, and [2]. The galleries are updated (photographs and editorial) to match the current issue on the news stand.

    We also have ton of other stuff. If you see anything you like just email me and I'll get you a user name and password to demo all the products.

    Go to, under content to die for, Bringing live feeds, video streaming, and galleries to you!

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    Hi Marc

    I have bear and leather video plug-ins for your site.Its by far the best content on the net for these niches!!

    email me for demo

    Brent AT


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    HAHAHA Marc!

    Welcome to my HELL!

    Ounique does indeed have great photosets/vid clips and Sex Inc has great bear/leather plugins... but where are the full-length feature movies?!? The only full-length features I can find are 80's vids... and they aren't even the good 80's precondom classics... just really bad 80's stuff. And other than Ounique and Sex Inc., we have ZERO alternatives for fetish/bear/leather/masculine content! My only suggestion is to contact the producers directly. I've tried a few companies and photagraphers, but have had no real luck yet.

    Marc... If you find anything... let me know!

    Machine Fucking
    IMEN - New Gay AVS from ProAdult

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