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Thread: Global Male Pass?

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    Global Male Pass?

    Anyone have any info about what's happening at global male pass avs.

    i know they got hit by visa and have to reapprove all sites in their list but.....

    i've made the required changes and even submitted a couple of new sites but haven't heard from them....

    and not getting any emails back either?

    any one with a clue?

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    Ill see if i can get Bryan to pop over here and help you out Archer.



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    GMPass Jeremy
    Sorry to hear you have had trouble reaching us. We are still here and now have two additional webmaster support personnel. Please contact any of us in the future.

    Jeremy icq 267590047 icq 246613668 icq 172036087

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    That's weird because I have always, I mean always, received emails promptly from GMPass. Usually within a few hours someone will contact me about my question. No other AVS even comes close to the support they give.

    I'm not saying that it couldn't happen, it just never happened to me in 4 years.


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    just a note to say that GMP got back to me....

    two thumbs up


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    GMPass Jeremy1
    Hey Everyone,

    We have been reading the boards and all your emails and we understand everyone's concerns regarding the state of our industry. For your assurance, GMPass works closely with both CCBill and EPOCH and are speaking with them daily to understand the new guidelines and procedures. Be assured that we will pass on any new information as it becomes available and will give you as much lead time as possible to make the necessary changes.

    As always, please feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding your individual account, we appreciate everyone's patience and co-operation.

    Thank you.

    ICQ 26790047

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