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Thread: Gay AVS and Advertising

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    Gay AVS and Advertising

    Hi all,

    I recently completed my first couple of sites (yay!) and am noticing I get no traffic. I am using Mancheck for my AVS, along with UGAS (though have had trouble implementing their entry system on a Win/2000 host).

    Questions: I am not sure if I desiged my sites right for AVS sites. Are AVS sites supposed to be limited on advertising of other sites (I'm using MaxCash and many of their banners), or is advertising usually okay? I'd like to get listed on the AVS Link List if possible, or at least get somewhere so I can start noticing some traffic.

    My sites so far are and Any advice would be appreciated if I've done something wrong. Also, any recommendations for traffic generation would be helpful.


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    Hey Bootshiner,

    I think both your sites designs are really good but the most critical element to any site is setting up the links that feed traffic. Concentrate on listing your site at Hunkhunters, AltaGayLinks,,, etc,.

    You can get (and probably will ) get several thousand hits from these sources. Don't rely on an AVS linklist for sales. It's great to be listed, but you must do most of the work by submitting your sites to the link lists that I've mentioned above. Right now, I would concentrate on AVS sales and leave the sponsor sales for the members area.

    Also, go with just one AVS. I use GMPass because I get listed and I get sales. I can't say that about UGAS or ManCheck. Using more than one avs will usually not help you in sales, in fact, it oftentimes hurts you because AVS's always favor exclusive webmasters.

    Good luck with your sites. Try out GMPass. They are excellent.


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    Thanks for the great lead on AltaGayLinks. I got lots of hits.

    Ok, now that I got hits, I gotta get sales. So far, nada. I wonder if I overdid my support with all the MaxCash bannres - wonder if I should have put fewer banners and/or advertising.

    What is GMPass? Forgive me for the newbie question, but I'm not familiar with them. Are they repuatble? Good company?


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    GMPass Jeremy1
    Hello Bootshiner,

    Nice to meet you. I am Jeremy from GMPass. Would love to tell you more about our network. We are the 2nd largest AEN on the web and growing fast. I sent you an email with my contact information, look forward to hearing from you soon.

    ICQ: 267590047

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    Hi ya,

    For what it is worth as an "old, gnarled" vet of 8 years on the net..

    I HATE banners! I find them very distracting and in many cases, confuses the surfer. By confusion, I mean that there is so much stuff to "see" that finding the link to the "goodies" becomes almost challenging. And the one thing you don't want to do is make it too challenging for surfers..many of whom are still learning how their browser works. grin

    Unless you're getting good "payback" from banners, I wouldn't have them on your site. And unless they are placed just so, I think they detract so much from the identity and beauty of YOUR own site.

    My two cents.
    Good luck!

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    nice sites.... too many ads though for ugas to accept as preferred

    as to where to post... don't forget Gay Fuck Sites at

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    Yeah, my next site I'm gonna scale back the advertising banners just a bit. Try to stick to just those that relate to my site.

    I've seen some lists talk about "No Hotlinking". What does that mean? Is there a good newbie vocabulary guide out there somewhere?


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    Hi all,

    Total newbie here... could someone clarify what is meant by "sale"?

    Bootshiner... do you mean that you have caused a user to purchase an AVS... or do you sell memebership to your own site?


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    we can sell you some gay traffic. click my sig.

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    Hey there,

    I don't know if you're still looking for replies on this, but I have a couple of comments.

    I would pick an AVS and stick with it. I don't think it does absolutely any good to give the customer a choice of entering your site with AdultCheck or MANcheck. If I had an AC membership, why would I buy a MC one, and visa versa. So, I'd dump one, or create two separate sites, one for each AVS.

    Personally, I wouldn't bother with AC. I don't have any experience with them first hand, but with 350,000 sites, it's kind of hard to get noticed. And at least with MANcheck, gay is their business, not an after thought.

    My sites are with MANcheck exclusively, and I'm making money.

    Unfortunately, you have to play the game. Every day, you need to be submitting a new site or sites to stay on top of the new section because every day, more are added and yours get buried.

    Finally, I'd try and entice the visitor a bit more before you hit them up for a membership.

    Good Luck

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    Hi there and welcome to the boards if you havent already been greeted hehe.

    Okay a 'sale' can be one of many things however, the general use for this term is when a surfer (someone who visits your site that isnt an adult webmaster) signs up to one of your sponsors and earns YOU some money - A sale

    Hope this helps.



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    Hi, I think first off you must decide if you want to make money from AVS sales or from sales to paysites from within your site.

    If you are trying to make money from AVS sales then you are going to have to get much fancier with your site. You should check out your competition - that is the best way to figure out what sells. Also, ask yourself if you would buy a membership from your site? right now the answer for me is "no", now it is up to you to figure out why and how to change it to get people to signup. Finally, in this case stick with one AVS system and try to sell them like mad.

    If you are trying to make money from upsells within the site (ie, to maxcash), then you should clean up your inside and make more galleries with fewer pics (about 10 per gallery page) and only 1 banner and 1 text link per gallery page. If you promote just one sponsor per site, you have a better chance of selling to it instead of confusing your surfer. Also, go with less pics per site and make more sites - the more sites you have the more likely you will get traffic. And signup with every conceivable AVS system and make doorway pages for each one. Then make a "free entry" doorway page and add recip buttons on that page and get that listed in as many linklists as possible (free sites get loads more traffic and its all a numbers game).

    Hope that helps!



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    Oh, one other thing, you should get yourself a sponsor that is not overused. I would recommend going with a smaller webmaster program so it is fresh and new - this is especially important with AVS traffic cuz it is more likely that they have already joined other paysites and are more likely to join something they have not seen advertised 1000 times before.

    Plus with all the new cc regulations and companies announcing they are lowering their per-join payments, it makes more sense to go with revshare programs as you will make more money in the long run.



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