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Thread: GloBIll Ceased Processing

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    GloBIll Ceased Processing

    Copy of Email rec'd 7/25/03

    An Important Message from ZMA Industries, Inc., doing business as "" (“GloBill”) has ceased processing. The reasons will be explained in a settlement and explanatory package that will be sent to GloBill webmasters that follow the directions set forth below. All webmasters are strongly encouraged to participate in the process.

    *** Please do NOT attempt to cash any checks that you currently hold for GloBill payouts because these checks will be returned NSF ***

    *** ZMA Industries, Inc. will issue new checks as part of its settlement process.***

    In what we believe is an unfortunate example of Visa abusing its power against the adult industry in a stunningly arbitrary and patently unfair manner, we were advised that our bank was instructed to terminate our processing in order to avoid threatened fees in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. ZMA Industries, Inc. is already in the process of preparing legal action in response to the recent developments and further information regarding the precise nature and grounds of the imminent litigation will be forthcoming in the future.

    GloBill is contracted with a technical operations company that will continue to maintain certain user related systems. Namely, the correct commands will still be sent to your server to expire users when their membership ends. Users will be able to log in without any problems. You also will be able to manually add new users to your password file, obtain users lists, etc.

    All GloBill clients who are owed funds will be responded to in writing by our corporate office in St. Kitts. In order to receive our settlement documentation and other pertinent information, you must send us a letter detailing your payee name, contact information and all site IDs that you held under GloBill by Monday, September 15, 2003. Please ensure your letter includes the following information at the TOP of your letter:

    Your full name, the full name of your company, complete mailing address, telephone number with area codes and/or country codes and email address;
    Your main payee name under GloBill; and
    Your GloBill Site IDs.
    Letters should be mailed directly to our office in St. Kitts by Monday, September 15, 2003 to be factored into the settlement process. You may also send the letter to our mail-forwarding address in the United States on or before the same date, as all mail sent to this address will be forwarded to our St. Kitts’ headquarters.

    Given the volume of mail we anticipate receiving, please allow 6-8 weeks for ZMA Industries, Inc. to respond to your correspondence. Please do not phone, fax or email because these methods of contact have now been automated. ZMA Industries, Inc. will only respond to written communications that contain the information set forth above.

    In order to receive your settlement package, please send your inquiry letter at your immediate convenience and no later than Monday, September 15, 2003 to: / Settlement
    c/o ZMA Industries, Inc.
    Amory Building Victoria Road
    P.O. Box 1058
    Basseterre, St. Kitts

    West Indies

    Needless to say, we are deeply disappointed with the sudden and astonishing turn of events that has decimated GloBill within a matter of days. Our regret stems not only from our disappointment with the unjust manner in which we believe we have been handled, but more notably by our inability to continue serving all of our valued webmasters in an exemplary manner. Please accept our deepest regrets and look for further information as it develops in our settlement package in the following weeks.

    Gay Wide Webmasters

    GA Media Corp.

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    They fucked me, but I didn't lose much, I'm one of the lucky ones.

    One webmaster reports over $60 grand owed

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    Shit... well I won't complain too much then. I got hit too but not like that.

    Gay Wide Webmasters

    GA Media Corp.

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    they screwed me big time! time to move on over to ccbill. i should have done that from the get go.

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