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Thread: meta name "rating" tag

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    meta name "rating" tag

    First, I just wanted to say what a fantastic experience it has been to be a member of this board. It's been about a week or so now, and I've asked a couple of questions. (I also try to give input whenever I can.) But yesterday, Lee's buddy helped me out with a PHP script I was having trouble with. That's amazing. So, thanks guy.

    I was sorry to hear about GloBill and GayMegaSites. That's gotta hurt for some of you guys. Unfortunately, I think there's more of this kind of stuff coming in the next few months. I'm just glad we've got a place like this to come and bitch and try and sort it all out.

    meta name="RATING" CONTENT="restricted"

    I'm just wondering if anyone uses the above in their meta tags. Is there any benefit? Is there any harm?


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    Glad you are enjoying yourself here

    Hmmm im going to dig out an article [goes looking for a link and finds it first time] ........

    That article is a tad out of date however, the basics are all there.

    My personal choice when it comes to meta tags lately have been to use a structure like this:

    [title]Site / Page Title Goes Here[/title]
    [meta name="Description" Content="Description Goes Here Without Commas"]
    [meta name="Keywords" Content="Keywords Go Here Without Commas"]

    In the above example, you need to replace the [ + ]'s with < + > respectively.

    Hope this helps.



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