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Thread: Refresh or Redirect

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    Refresh or Redirect

    Hi all,

    First of all, Lee thanks for that reply on the meta tags.

    I'm having to do some restructuring of my site and it has already have been indexed by search engines and I'm wanting to do as little damage as possible. So, I'm wondering whether using the refresh meta tag or whether an htaccess file such as:

    redirectPermanent index.htm h*tp://

    would be more appropriate? This is going to be a permanent change, so evening I'd like the search engines to dump the old pages and index the new ones.


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    No probs happy to help

    As far as refreshing your page to another, dont use a meta refresh instead opt to use a standard .htacess 404 redirect.

    So for example your .htaccess text file would look something like this:

    ErrorDocument 301 /index.html
    ErrorDocument 400 /index.html
    ErrorDocument 403 /index.html
    ErrorDocument 404 /index.html
    ErrorDocument 500 /index.html
    ErrorDocument 501 /index.html

    Also, remember that .htaccess is revelant only to the directory it is placed in so, if you are redirecting (or removing) a page in then drop your .htaccess file into /directory1/ and it will only affect 404, 403, errors etc in that directory.

    if you are moving pages form your entire domain then drop the .htaccess into the domain root, in this instance the location of your .htaccess on the server would be



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    porn in Czech Rep.

    someone know if is legal to produce porn in the Czech Rep.? there is any law concerning it?

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    I wouldn't think it's illegal. William Higgins "Prague Buddies" live feed should say it all. I'm fairly certain Higgins relocated to Prague. His website is at:

    Good luck

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    Welcome to the boards

    Okay to answer the question of whether content shooting is 'legal' or not to be honest, the best person you should speak to would be Paul Markham, he does a lot of his content from that part of the world.

    Try this email (not 100% if its right or not)

    The other alternative would be to find a lawyer who specializes in global laws.

    I can recomend as a first point of reference.



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    i will send him an email then

    concerning i noticed he doesnt allow to Czech Rep. residents to get membership with its site.. in fact in the join page on the bottom it says "Membership is not available for residents of the Czech Republic. When you vacation in the Czech Republic you will be unable to access" .. there must be a reason

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    Paul answered me that is Totally legal

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    He prevents access in the Czech Republic as a way of putting the boys at ease about what they're doing. Most of his models are straight, and this way they can be sure nobody they know will ever see what they have done.

    Mr. Higgins is actually a very nice guy. I have emailed him questions about working with straight models and he's always answered politely and extensively.

    -alan in sitges

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