I figured I would stop the emails and let you all know that YES DILF.com is open and YES it's mine ; )

I am pleased to announce this here that Studmoney (http://www.studmoney.com) is live as well! And, for the master voyage we have launched DILF.COM with it!

DILF is a fresh and new reality based site catering to the other side of the 30 something gay market. No twinks here! is my motto! Hot horny unsuspecting Dads go from top to bottom in each episode!

Im not a bottom, one Dad says. You are now! Drew explains as he bends him over. I just LOVE IT!

With the official launch at Internext, DILF.com has been online and converting traffic far better than projected.

If youre looking for a site that is substantial, different, new and fresh. DILF.com is what your looking for.

Im having more fun working this site than any other since I stated in 1996! It is one site that your surfers will want to join!

So in answer to all the email, yes the rumors are true... DILF and Studmoney.com are live and they're mine! Or should I say they are all OURS!!!!

All my best!

50/50 Recurring on DILF and more!

Studmoney... the only place for Dads I Like to Fuck!

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