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Thread: Password sites

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    Password sites

    I want to know HOW we can shut down sites like this:
    There was just one id/pw from one of my sites on there and they raped the site in a matter of hours! (Would suggest everyone check out this list).

    I'm sure you've come across this problem before. What, if anything, did do you do then?

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    I help out a woman run a number of straight sites and we are ALWAYS having this problem. We're supposed to have software to stop it, but they seem to get through anyway. Such a pain in the ass...

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    Mansized, its a good thing you have such an excellent webhosting company that noticed the excessive bandwidth burnoff and went out of his way to inform you of the problem, work with you to find and delete the problem account and stay up all night to get things back to normal again. And who will be helping you out to set up anti-password trader scripts to hopefully stop this problem in the future.

    (Luke gives himself a pat on the back!)



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    Umm..I forget what the policy on obscene language is on this board, but my apologies in advance.

    Eat me luke!!! (not really as obscene as I wanted it to be. But everyone here appears to be VERY virginal so I didn't want to hurt anyone's ears. Gawd..I'm in for it now aren't I?)

    Actually Luke *IS* one hell of an isp guy and if you're not hosting with him and his INCREDIBLY low prices (and he didn't pay me a cent to say that), then you are INSANE!

    P.S. Luke then get this F**KING virus off my puter too while you're at it!

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    am going to sue one of these mofo's as soon as I find out the owner actually lives in the U.S.! (These dumbfucks..whoops are in Finland).

    I actually have successfully sued before and the mood I'm in these days, I really don't care (ALMOST) how much it'll cost me. I just really want to NAIL one of these a-holes!

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    Report it here

    Trading of passwords is illegal. If people report it we can make a dent.

    I use a program that stops all brute force hacking attempts, hotlinking, etc, plus another script that stops them passing around username/passwords and it stops that as well.

    Emailing the host and telling them they are aiding and abetting a Federal crime ...

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    I hear ya loud and clear. The most I've ever been involved with was a company that sued one of the trader sites successfully. Personally I haven't had an issue with traders in a while.

    I use PennyWise for login screening. Only once did someone get around it but the script logged the id and my host alerted me to the jump in bandwidth, immediately. So the combination actually worked for me.

    We were successful in tracing the site to the host and they took them down fast.

    Unfortunately, as long as there are paysites there will be theiving trader fuckheads. The more legal action we take against them, the more frontend security we can use to make their sites worthless and the more hosting companies respond to compalaints - the more we can get taken off line.

    It's not fun or fast, it's a matter of constant diligence.

    My two cents...


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    Stops brute force hacking attempts, stops page ripper bots, stops email ripper bots, etc etc. Free installation.

    I swear by it.

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    Thanks much!

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    Macho Man1
    doesnt your hosting company have a kill that if like 10 different IP's try to hit your site w/ same user name / PW it kills it????

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    Its actually not the hosting company's responsibility. But you can get programs that will do this for you, like pennywize.



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    But one WOULD think that SOME hosting companies OUGHT to give out guarantees like that! (Not naming any names mind ya)

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