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Thread: E mail Virus

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    Macho Man1

    E mail Virus

    I dont know about you all

    but since last nite My outlook has been going apeshit! floaded w/ different senders & subject lines

    body saying to open attached file

    has this been happening to any one else?????

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    I just checked one account and had 240 viruses since yesterday.

    Re: Thank you!
    Re: Your Application

    etc ... reading other boards I see other people are being nailed hard as well.

    I still have a dozen email accounts to check

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    Macho Man1
    Hey there Rick
    do you have ICQ Like to talk w/ ya!!!

    BTW has glo gill bottons up..... is this a dead site???

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    Guest has been a VERY rough day in regards to this virus.
    Signups are down for almost everyone I know.
    And I count myself in that group.

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    Same here, I stopped counting virusses when I reached 500 or so!

    They should shoot the people who makes them!

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