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Thread: Acacia Owes Me Money!!!

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    Acacia Owes Me Money!!!

    I have since decided to pull the ace out of the hat - God created man including the act of sex and jerking off. Realizing this I have talked to my lawyers and now have become a child of God in order to have rights to claim patent on the "Money Shot" thereby requesting a $1.00 fee per ounce.

    Anyone else out there who is now a firm church goer??

    Can I get an Amen??

    Acacia you are the first on my target list since you have infringed on my patent by jerking everyone around - please submit appropriate fund to my PayPal account which will be dispursed to this boards believers.

    Robert J. Warren
    Director Of Marketing

    WebTalent Inc.
    40-1110 Finch Ave. West
    Suite 1181
    Toronto, Ontario M3J 3M2

    mail to:
    ICQ# 102612416

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    Need an affiliate program with tons of hosted gay galleries

    I'm going away for a few weeks and want to load up a tgp with galleries that I know wont redirect while I'm away LOL

    I know about nastydollars and siccash, any other sponsors offer lots of hosted galleries?

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    Hey Marc,

    Try TopBucks, they are our board sponsor AND have tons of galleries.

    I use them on a page on my tgps and they do wonders


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    topbucks recently changed their hosted galleries to be daily rotating galleries. They cut down on the numbers to only one per site too. If you are going for a topbucks account I would highly recommend going on a per signup with them (if you have ever seen any of their members areas I think you will also agree!!!).

    I would recommend getting an account with AEBN - here is a link with my code in it:
    they have a lot of hosted movie galleries plus daily rotating movie theatres.



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