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Thread: Introducing Myself

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    Introducing Myself

    Hi all, I've been in the gay web business for a couple of years now, but have only just come across this site. It looks great and I'm sure it could be very useful :-)

    Anyway, I run a site called G-L-N (Gay London News) which has built up a decent traffic rate and I'm always looking to trade traffic with other good gay sites from around the world. I'm afraid I can't trade links with adult pay sites, but anythign else goes.

    I'm also interested in asking how people have got on with their own sites. I'm managing to maintain a small income from the sales of Movies and books but I aint exactly a dot com millionaire just yet ;-) I'm beginnign to think porn is the only way of making big money (when I stuck a gallery on my site, the visitors went up tenfold!).

    Anyway, hi everyone, and if anyone ever wants to chat or whatever, just let me know.



    Gay London News
    London's most detailed Gay Resource

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    Welcome to the board, Rob!

    I hope we see you around more often... please feel free to use any of the resources we have available on the site... and be sure to check back as we will be adding a whole bundle of new features in the next month.

    I'm not surprised to hear that you've come to the conclusion that sex sells = ) I think most of us would agree with that LOL

    Actually, some of the projects I have been working on are in non adult and it's a whole different world. But I'll expand on that in the coming months. You'll find out fast that I don't spill my secret out until I have enough info to write articles for the resource section = )

    Again, welcome and I hope to see you here more often.

    My best,
    Gay Wide Webmasters

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    Thanks very much for the welcome, I'll be sure to check back in as often as possible.

    Gay London News
    London's most detailed Gay Resource

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