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Thread: HIGH ALERT Mr-Cash.Com &

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    HIGH ALERT Mr-Cash.Com &

    HIGH ALERT Mr-Cash.Com &

    As they have been so uncooperative, I wonder if any of you guys has any trouble with them.

    It is too easy for a sponsor to claim fraud without to give the slightest proof.

    You may read the case on the site.

    [edited by Lee]

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    Im going to leave the original post here minus the url because, well quite frankly, i want people to see what a bitch i can be when i put my mind to it

    Word, no offence ut if you must spam EVERY god damn forum on the net with your bullshit at least do it in such a way as it isnt drive by spam.

    So far today i have read 20 topics with exactly the same wording as this post.

    The next time you post a drive by spam for your crappy site which happens to be full of opinion and, in *MY* opinion is only a waste of bandwdth make no mistake, you WILL be banned from posting on this board.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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    LOL you go Lee!

    One thing that pisses *me* off is reading the same post on 20 boards. I scan through various boards looking for new designers, new content providers, etc and if you read it on one site, you've read it on 20 others.

    I read the fraud posting as well, but so far there seems to be just one person a having a problem. He should have posted once on GFY and left it at that

    But, this way, we get to see your bitchy side

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    "Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



    You chewed out his ass but made him feel good at the same time. are one talented man! ;-)

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