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Thread: Storke 4 U has it going on...

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    Storke 4 U has it going on...

    Two new press releases added...

    Spread4U is ready for the launch of The Affiliate Zone!
    Toronto, Ontario September 19, 2003 Spread4U & Stroke4U, the sites that bring you free, live feeds, announces The Affiliate Zone. This new feature gives Webmasters a more detailed look at how our programs work for them.

    Read more here ...

    - and -

    Spread4U introduces $25 per signup program!

    Toronto, Ontario September 19, 2003 Spread4U & Stroke4U the websites that offer you free live feeds, introduces a new cash program for affiliates where you can earn $25 per signup!

    Read more here ...

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    Just wish there'd be some models online when I go there. ;-)

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    That's funny you're the first to say that one LOL

    I actually go in and always find someone on ; ) The other dy I went to test a link and wound up getting hooked in HEHEHEHEHEHE

    Hope all is well!


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    PHP TGP?

    Hey again everyone,

    Within the next month, I'll likely be creating another TGP. However, all the TGP scripts that I have been finding are perl, which are a pain to customize to suit my purposes since I barely know anything about perl.

    I'd really prefer a script that uses PHP. Are there any out there? I've done quite a bit of previous work in PHP, so if I can't find one that's already made, I might take a whack at making my own from scratch.

    E-mail: webmaster at retrograde dot org - ICQ: 3374444

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