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Thread: need feedback

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    need feedback

    I just did my first free site, I was wondering if anyone could give me their feedback or suggestions?
    The site is:

    Thank you,

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    comments (please take as constructive):
    -you don't need 2 warning pages, just use your 2nd page as there is no nudity on it.
    -right now it is looking like a banner farm, you should put up loads more galleries and spread the banner images across the site.
    -use more text! search engines love text and it is the only way to get higher listings and better traffic
    -the pics on the main page need to be spec'd up, they are blurry and not very enticing to click.
    -I checked out your tgp page, it is looking rather nice! but why do you have them separate from the first page galleries?

    hope this helps, getting a site to work takes some time and constant fiddling.



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