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Thread: hosting solutions?

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    hosting solutions?

    I have several domains registered and am working on sites for them. I would like to go live with them within the next few weeks. I also have several non-adult accounts. each domain is about $25 per mo. for a enough bandwidth at this time.

    I neeed to find a MUCH cheaper way to get these sites up. I am also VERY unhappy with my current hosting company so I am eager for a better solution. I do not have the time right now to take on the learning curve of a dedicated server.

    I remember seeing a "broker" program somewhere that cost like $59 per month plus $50 one time fee for for every domain and no monthly cost after that (other than the flat $59 per month for the "brokers" (for lack of a better word) fee.

    I'm about ready to move on this as soon as I can find a reasonable host

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    You might like to check out or for hosting both companies have hosting plans starting at $10 or less per month.

    So far as domain name registrations go, we currently use ($12 a year) and ($15 a year) to register our domains.

    If you need any specific type of plan let us know and we can point you in the right direction.



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    Talk to Luke HERE on THIS board!
    I have all my sites with his hosting company.
    Keep the money in the "family"..get the best prices going for hosting, get 99.9% uptime for all your sites and MOST of all, get excellent customer service from Luke! You will not regret it! Sure, these guys are good, but Luke is Gay and devotes his life to giving the best hosting service possible! I kid you not.

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    Thanks, mansized!

    Damien, do you know what you will need for bandwidth per month? I can set you up on a great monthly plan and I will also set up all your other domains on the same plan for free. I am sure that I will be able to give you a way better price than what you are paying now. And yes I do tend to go over the top to make sure that my clients are happy!

    If you want, contact me directly at



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    I forgot about Luke

    Sorry dude



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    I was paying 300.00 a month for 3 gigs of space and 100 gigs of bandwidth and I found the plan at Chili Host for 3/4 or more cheaper... I have a good mind to SUE someone...
    Actually, I'll be signing up at Chili Host unless I find a better deal...This cost me more in the long run cause I had to KILL over 600 web sites that WAS bringing in over 2000.00 a month.. Since the Visa Thing hit hard.. I had to cancel my webhosting.

    I'm looking for no set up fee and monthly billing!!!! I have around 3 domains left but I don't want to pay per domain or for subdomains.

    anyone have any suggestions.. monthly budget $50.00 at the moment.


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    virgin by request ;) Chilihost's Avatar
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    southernexposure, we will set you up with multiple domains for no extra costs and, most importantly, we will grow with you. We can also set up aliases for you - with a bit of basic scripting you can manage all your domains & subdomains on one hosting account.

    If you have a specific budget, we can also set up a special plan for you that fits your exact needs.

    Hope to work together soon.



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    I'll be signing up and purchasing new domains in December. as you may know, pay periods end on the 7th and the 22nd every month. So it's gonna be around the 15th before I can get restarted in hosting.

    thanks a million... just wished I had found you last year...


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    I have been using since last May and I am very happy with them/

    I also use:

    Which is a cheap method if you have a lot of fairly low-traffic sites. Neither of these two have a set-up fee.

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