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Thread: I Need Feedback

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    I Need Feedback

    Hi everyone, I am only just getting started. This is my first page. It is not actually operating, or linked to any advertisers at this stage. I would simply appreciate your feed back on the lay out, design and download time of the site.

    Please visit

    Thanks heaps!!


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    einteractive, welcome to the board

    Okay it looks like im going to be first to do a review, take anythig i say as constructive (a bit of fore warning for you there) okay...

    First thing that i would suggest is that you take some of the pics on that page down, you have to many there for just one page, per page you should certainly have no more than 10-15 thumbnails

    Is this for a gallery or a complete site too?

    Your page layout is good however, rather than having the 6 banners on the page i would only place two (perhaps even 1) depending on the type of site this is.

    Also, the thumbnails are a little to small, ideally for thumbnails that are wider than they are high you should aim for a size (viewable size) of around 150 wide by 75 high.

    Thats the first things that stood out to me on the page and i am sure there will be some other reviews for you shortly we're a pretty helpful bunch really



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    Hey GH!

    Welcome to GWW!

    You asked for feedback…

    (Warning: Sometimes my advice can be read in the wrong tone. Please realize it is not a bad tone)

    I have to ask a couple of questions to start off with, and these are questions people should ask themselves when they start in this business.

    Are you making these pages to make money?
    Is you goal to simply entertain your surfers?

    The reason I’m asking, you have a lot of pics and you have a lot of hardcore. That rarely equates to making money. The more you give away for free the less likely a surfer is to buy. You have some really hot pics here, enough for any surfer to whack off and go about their business LOL

    On a free site what seems to work best are pics that entice. You want them to Stimulate without giving the surfer something to Masturbate. LOL You want the surfer to pull out a credit card and buy something, THEN pull out their BUDDY and play LOL

    The motto I follow all of the time is, “Make them pay for the meat”. (I’m sure Lee is cringing as he reads this, cause I say it all the time).

    On your ad space, I know you said it’s not set or linked yet… but I’m going to share some thoughts on that anyway = )

    Be sure to use more than one type banner on the page. I like your side by side, but I would also stagger some of it – one time put a single longer banner in place and then the next appearances of ads make it the side by side. Keep your ads relevant to your pics. If you have skinny white guys, I wouldn’t use a sponsor site of big fat men. I wouldn’t sell Asian guys on an ebony site either HAHAHAHA. But I would sell Latino guys on an ebony site (Hmmm I smell a crossing selling article about to be written hehehe).

    As I look on more time at your page, I see something that you can do. Even though it is hardcore, I see a niche pattern arising. You have some ebony, interracial, twink, stud and so on in there. You can separate those niches onto separate pages or even sites to diversify your traffic and sell niche specific sites. While a general mix is ALWAYS good, being able to split them up makes for more avenues of traffic AND more opportunities to sell.

    Ok I’m going to stop for now… I can go on and on and on (Now I think Lee will be rolling his eyes and agreeing LOL). I guess that one reason I built GWW, to share the information I have stuck in this head of mine HAHAHAHAHA

    Let me know how it goes, GH. And be sure to ask any questions you have as you go along. We’re here to help.

    My best regards,

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    Lee I think we need to coordinate answering LOL It's not like you are sitting nex to me LMAO

    (for those who don't know, yes he IS sitting next to me)


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