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Thread: Would like some constructive criticism

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    Would like some constructive criticism

    I'm new to the business. I have just completed my first picture page site and would like some constructive criticism.



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    Hi Chris welcome to Gay Wide Webmasters

    I took a look at your site and have to say it looks good however, there are a couple of things that *I* would change and these are as follows:

    On the second page, the layout is fantastic, i especially like the way you have your logo at the top followed by an odd sized ad followed by the banners however, i would personally change the amount of banners you have on that page, perhaps cut them down by 50% at the bottom of the page and add some juicy text links in the mix, not only will the text draw more interest from the surfer but, it should in theory do you some good on the search engines.

    Again on your gallery pages, you have three banners at the top of the page and three at the bottom whilst it is good to show the surfer all of the sites your sponsor has available again, this may be somewhat overkill as before i would suggest cutting them down by 50% and adding some text into the mix.

    Other than cutting down the banners and mixing some text into the pages the overall site looks great and im sure youll do very well from it.



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    Thanks Lee. I will give it a go.

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    I would love to here from other webmasters. Are there any out there!

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