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Thread: I went from cruiser to looser but I still love you GaryAlan

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    I went from cruiser to looser but I still love you GaryAlan

    Proud - yes
    Honored - definitely

    I almost had the title engraved on my business cards -

    I had posted enough to reached the title of "cruiser" on my way to being a queen till they changed the board - now - (*whimpers) - nice look btw

    But I love you still
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    Now let me dry those eyes, baby!

    You're never a loser, Robert. You'll always be the honorary GWW cruiser! How's that?

    But now think of it this way too, now we have a wonderful new board where you can share your teary eyed pics without pulling your hair out trying to figure out how the hell to add photos.

    :fracais: :grin: :p

    And I'm lovin' the smilies too!

    LOL Be good,

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    Love ya too gary - great work on the board - colors suit too you

    I am content

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    Macho 411
    now thats too cute!

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