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Thread: Programing question

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    Macho 411

    I Wonder? Programing question

    where or how can I do this kind of Drop menu that they do on this site

    the top the menu drops animated in a mint color

    is there a sript for this?
    if so where can I find it???


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    Hi Macho 411,
    What has is a Flash Menu.
    Don't know if you know flash so if not you can take a look at those sites for a javascript menu:


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    Macho 411

    Thanks Scorpio!

    wow some cool stuff there!

    Scorpio check out look at the menu there
    I am looking for a cool idea that will make the menu stand out when the surfer rolls over it

    any thoughs suggestions?


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    Mmmm, i don't have anything right now.. i had a cool script 2 years ago but it would slow donw people's machine and even crash their browsers but i'll look around to find some idea

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    Macho 411
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    That looks more like something I'd do in Flash. It would be pretty easy, if oyu can do even the smallest things in Flash.

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    If you don't know Flash or are looking for some quick stuff, check out

    Not exactly the same, but it might work for you.

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    Another source for those not comfortable with doing their own flash designs is Tons of flash and java templates that you can adapt with your own images, size, background colors, timing for effects, and so on. Just registering lets you use a lot of scripts free, but an actual memebership gets you into all kinds of goodies. Worth a look, as they do have a lot of menues.

    I use one of their new image effects on my main page on the site addy below my name if you want to see one of the effects available as a member. It's at the top to the right of page ... pics appearing over one another on an angle.
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    Originally posted by mirepup
    If you don't know Flash or are looking for some quick stuff, check out

    Not exactly the same, but it might work for you.
    GOD... I love flash!
    Guess who's sites are all gonna have flash buttons from now on?

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