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Thread: need traffic and marketing ideas

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    need traffic and marketing ideas

    hello all,
    im new to this site and appreciate the services. i am launching an amater site this week that will offer exclusive teen.twink videos and photos. i need to find a reliable sourve of directed gay traffic and don't know who to go to. as you all know, there are so many sites it's hard to know who to trust. also i am lloking to setup an affiliate program immediately at launch.
    does anyone know who to go to for a good server service. i need alot of gigs for video and streaming and , once agin, don't know where to go.


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    Hiya best comes!

    Well as for server my first choice is - I work with them almost exclusively these days and they will treat you right. If you go there make SURE you tell them Gary-Alan sent you. No I don't make a commission, I just know they'll give you a little extra TLC because you came from here.

    As for traffic there are a number of great ways to get traffic. My first pass would be to hit the link list, directories and such... you can find a fairly large list in our resources at

    Do you have free gallery or tgp sites built to send your own traffic to your pay site? If not, start making them. If you do, GREAT!

    If I may ask... do you have an acquisition budget for traffic, I have one company source of HIGHLY geo targeted traffic - however there are costs involved with buying that traffic. Let me know, either here or in email ( and perhaps I can point you in there direction.

    Best of luck with the site! I know how anxious and excited I was opening my first paysite!

    Again, best of luck!


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    hey Gary

    Thanks for the information. and you are right i am damn excited, i think the site will be great. i will check into these sources and let you know what i think. also, i will contect you by email about the trafiic you mentiioned.

    once again thanks and we do appreciate this much needed service.

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    Hi Best,
    Congrats on your new site... Please let me introduce myself I work for Cybersocket.. And we use a great company to help us market and build sites and etc... The company is Bionic Pixels and the person you should talk to is Reena her email is tell her Holly from Cybersocket sent you! Also please feel free to call or email me if you need anything...
    323.650.9906 ext 32

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    Hi Gary,

    We are a large Mega Twink Site that is starting to offer

    content to webmasters. Plus, we have expertise in all phases

    of site developement. bye devin

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    may be able to help you with some ideas for both surfer traffic for your paysite and webmaster traffic for your affiliate program. You can reach me via email: or ICQ: 91573698

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    hey fellow webmasters:0)

    first of all lets talk about how glad i am to have found this chat board. i usually just go to GFY and hang out there to my buiss etc. i just want to say hwllo to all and i truly hope to get to know u all. i work for a rather big website. paysite(can't even remeber how many sites we own) anywho, i'm the only gay chick in the office that i know of hehehe...blah blah hope to talk to ya soon.


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