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Thread: hey fellow webmasters:0)

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    hey fellow webmasters:0)

    first of all lets talk about how glad i am to have found this chat board. i usually just go to GFY and hang out there to my buiss etc. i just want to say hwllo to all and i truly hope to get to know u all. i work for a rather big website. paysite(can't even remeber how many sites we own) anywho, i'm the only gay chick in the office that i know of hehehe...blah blah hope to talk to ya soon.


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    Hi GIA!

    And welcome to the board!

    I hope you find us pleasant and professional here at GWW!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Yeah right! Professional always, but the pleasant comment just got to me! Dirty, raunchy, flirty and playful DEFINITELY! Pleasant only when I'm over worked ; )

    Again, Welcome!!! Hope to see you around a lot!

    My best,

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    hey GIA, welcome to the board!

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