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Thread: So where does most of your gay traffic come from?

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    You do realize by 'gay' I mean a man who has sex with other men?
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    So where does most of your gay traffic come from?

    Do you get your traffic from a specific single source or do you spread the ways you get your traffic around?

    What i mean is, do you soley submit galleries to TGP's? Only use Link Lists or Search Engines?

    On the same subject, do you think that there is enough gay traffic to be shared around or not?

    Just interested in seeing what the rest of you think about this.



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    I can't say I find myself using TGPs all that often. Affiliate arrangements with other webmasters and SE and SE-related development are most often the sources of traffic I pursue

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    I've yet to submit my gay sites to link lists. I have submitted maybe 10 galleries to TGPs. Search engines is where I get the bulk of my traffic, then they click on banners on those sites and it spreads out.

    Soon as I have time I'll be a traffic whore and being submitting and building up

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    I also get most of my traffic from search engines and the rest from link lists/exchanges. Interesting, as I think it would be a different story if you asked straight adult sites the same question...

    I concentrate on getting a small amount of good-quality traffic which converts well.

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    Spider based SEs

    I saw a list on another Webmaster resource board regarding which SEs are hand-reviewed, vs which are Spider based... Anybody know where such a list exists? Thanks in advance.

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    Almost all of my new traffic to my adult site is from search engines. And I'd say that 65%-75% of that is from Google.

    The rest is from MSN, AOL, etc.

    Only a tiny number of hits come from the big link farm-style sites for adult websites.

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