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Thread: Gateways instead of Doorways

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    Gateways instead of Doorways

    In an attempt to bring back Sales I have discovered that building gateways to your mega sites (i.e. Sites with more than 500 images) increases sales. Will search engines catch this. I hope not! By building what i call "gateways" you remove the chance of being banned or punished by SE's.

    Page includes:
    meta tages with descriptive keywords
    keyword rich descriptions
    text between h1 tags
    graphics linked to sign up page
    very few links off the page

    Anyone using this format for page building?
    If so what is your sign up ratio like using this method of page building?

    I have watched ratios of 1:400 turn to 1:50

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    Sounds interesting, but how is it different than doorways?
    Can you post a link?

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    Here is an example:

    unfortunately, to keep them from all looking the same you should change the design layout a little on each...

    this has officially brought my sign-up ratios up to 1:69 as of today.
    I have made 16 "gateway' pages this morning.

    the difference is: doorway page generators will create IDENTICAL pages with the same keywords etc. GOOGLE will Punish you if you submit one doorway page.. and possibly ban your url for up to a year.. I learned the hardway..

    hope this helps your sales.:crybaby:

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    Ok, I get it now. And your getting traffic to gateways just from SE's?

    Thanks for sharing! I'm and AVS webmaster, too. I don't think there are many of us on this board. We gotta stick together!

    *added - btw, you have a broken image

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    That's a massive site for a FreeAgeCard site. You should really make it a premium/platinum site for the rebills.

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    Maybe cuz I just have trouble adjusting my vocabulary, but I still call em "doorway" pages hehe.
    I recognize the difference but it's just habit that I refer to them as such.

    One thing you can definitely get in trouble with and that do you no good are the automatic redirect doorways which used to be the thing to do back in the day (year ago).

    I find that so long as a "doorway" or "gateway" page has real substance in which the keywords and links are found, they work quite well.

    Those auto-doorway creators can be trouble if you rely on them too much. Creating your own doorway pages with html links and good anchor text keywords can do ya a lot of good but as you pointed out, the key is to make sure they actually are meaningful pages. Substance. Real stuff to see and read on them.

    Of the 12 sites I'm focusing on with SE placement right now, I've seen on average, pagerank jump from 3 to between 6 and 7. And I think the doorway/gateway pages have been a big part of that.

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    Free Age Card is a free service. They don't have a premium program. The image on that page is broken in Net Scape Navigator but is ok in IE and AOL.. don't know why? They do however have the HIGHEST paying Free Program available.


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    You do realize by 'gay' I mean a man who has sex with other men?
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    Gateway / Doorway pages are often mentioned by SEO experts as not working however, this truely isnt the case, so long as you keep them relevant to the site you are building.

    A good example of this in action is the current articles section on GWW we actually get a fair amount of traffic from the articles in the search engines due to them being specific to a certain aspect of the adult industry, in fact, some of the articles themselves have #1 listing for a variety of search terms.



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    Absolutely. Articles are the foshizzle. Content-rich, substantive, relevent, and benign-looking (in the eyes of search engines) doorway pages.

    They're my best friend.

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    blah blah blah...
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    any thoughts?

    hey guys. all this talk about gateways and doorways has got me thinking about my sites would each of my individual sites act like doorways/gateways? ie i guess this site would also act as a doorway BUT is it SE optimized? as in is there anything thats obviously wrong with the design of this page ( that would prevent it from being picked up by the SE? its just because i hardly ever get an significant trafic from SE and here you guys are talking about the importance of dooryways/gateways. I donít know if thereís something Iím missing about SEs. any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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