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Thread: Content Brokers Banning Adult Check?

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    Content Brokers Banning Adult Check?

    I'm hearing rumors on other boards that some content brokers are banning the use of their content on AC sites. Is there any truth to this? Let's punish those assholes!

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    Hey there Xstr8guy,

    Thanks for the news flash. I haven't heard about this, but I know that Ounique does not have any such plans. Keep us posted.

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    I wish everyone would boycott them. They're going to be collecting on rebills for years and years and not paying any of us the funds.

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    It seems a lot of people are really upset over this. We try to stay out of other people's business. But I encourage you guys to talk about it. I'm very interested in hearing everyone's opinions.

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    Question why?


    Well, think in any case this would be impossible to contol. How should they know if...

    But my decent question is: why is this question in the room that AC should be banned? Have they done anything wrong.

    I know that ACpay does not exist anymore. Has anybody an idea what happend. Shortly before they stated that they wouldn't charge for VISA-accounts.


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    Claudio, they have removed all but the top 350 webmasters from their program without much notice (24 hours). Their new program seems to be that you can only use content from certain providers.

    Let's say I was an AC webmaster (I was for a year). If someone renews a membership, I am supposed to receive payment for that. But, now that I have no access to check stats and am not an AC webmaster, they won't be sending me money for rebills. They can collect money thanks to all of the webmasters yet not pay any of us our commissions.

    Now, I'm assuming none of us will be paid, but I've never seen any statement by Adult Check stating they would pay former webmasters for the rebills, and everything I've read seems to indicate that they won't be paying anyone.

    IF they only will allow from specific content providers, how fair is that?

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    It's terrible with them.
    Have some sites with them as well. But didn't get an eMail about their plans.
    It is a brashness if they do that. They change policy every now and then.

    I've got to go and try to enter my account with them right now.

    Thanks Rick
    good Scott O'Hara site/congratulations

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    Thank you

    Scorpio did some design work on the site (main page)

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