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    HI Everyone,

    Brian from Pistol Media in Sydney here.

    Can everyone tell their gay webmaster buddies about this board please? It would be very powerful to get everyone into one discussion place.

    Looking forward to doing business with you all!

    Brian Randall
    Pistol Media - Get More Bangs for Your Gay Bucks!

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    Hi Brian,

    This is Dean from TwinkCash. I met you at the CyberSocket events in Vegas. How are you mate? I want to follow up our conversation offline sometime. I'll email you, ok?


    Dean @ TwinkCash : The affiliate program that pays, featuring

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    Hey Brian!

    You'd be surprised how many people lurk here. I've had this site since 1998, and the amount of people who post, in comparison to those who just read are AMAZING! could you imagine if we all shared, what we could have here.

    It has always been my goal to make this a place for all gay market webmasters to come and share ideas or to just bitch about life = )

    With all that aside, I'm with you! TELL EVERYONE we're here!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence in the board!

    My best,

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    Hey Dean!

    Would love to chat buddy. Feel free to drop me a line anytime.


    Brian Randall
    Pistol Media - Get More Bangs for Your Gay Bucks!

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