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Thread: Flash in designs?

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    Flash in designs?

    Hi guys,
    Do you like Flash animations (small or big) in your designs?
    Curious to see what you think.

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    I love Flash on websites! Are we gonna use Flash on my site, Scorpio?

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    hehe sure if you want too... i can't make BIG flash animations but we sure can add some nice effects )

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    Flash can have a great impact on a site.
    Just don't make them too nervous like many AniGifs but stop them after they played once (if it is not a banner ie).
    Likewise many badly optimized pictures on a frontpage the problem is the loading time.
    I regularly use snippets of Flash on my sites. On the other hand there are a lot of people that don't like it very much (for exmaple css and xhtml fanatics shoot it to the moon) so you should always provide alternate possibilities to enter a site.
    Fot an example:
    This is no advertisement/
    Right now I have built with partially very easy and fast loading elements (By far not finished/just the beginning).

    My opinion is that Flash peps up a site.
    But there shouldn't be forced loading times that the surfer did not choose. So if you wanted to do a full Flash site you always must offer an alternative way to go.

    If you want to see an example here one of my first works for a Restaurant in Switzerland. It is in German. But for the Flash version just click on the moving billard ball.


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    Me once again

    Forgot to say -
    no problem Scorpio

    if I can help doing something in Flash for you I'd be glad. With Flash I'm pretty comfortable. Just send me the material and tell me what it should look like.
    I'm telling stories here - most probably you know to handl this instument better than me and you just downplayed your skills.

    Anyway I'm sure you can help with some Potoshop probems later on.


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    Salut Claudio

    First, welcome to the forum Hope you'll have some good times here.
    You have to know that i don't know flash a lot... i can only make simple animations... but really simple so what you do is great to me.
    I also don't like BIG flash animations... i like just the small ones to give the design a little kick in the sack

    For sure, if you need any help with photoshop, i'll be happy to help you

    PS: Also please don't forget to introduce yourself in this thread


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    Was away for a week.

    If those (quote:little kick in the sack would be titles and headlines that move around on every side like mad, in any case they wouldn't be done in Flash itself but with little (scrounger) programms which are very good, like Swish, Wildform and many more. Making them in Flash would take hours, if not days.
    In bigger projects those snippets are later importet into Flash.
    Making them with a little program like mentioned above takes not more than some minutes.


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    I find that for an adult site anything past the odd button or rollover or whatever is more time than it really merits. I love flash when I do a Non-Adult site, which is why I'm all punped about the Architectural firm I'm doing in January, but I've found that for adult sites, things like Animated Gifs or simple Roll-Overs just slows down loading time and nobody really cares.

    Nobody's going to your site for advanced design, they're going to jerk off. Too bad, cuz I'm all about the design, but I've found that Layout is more important than flash.

    that will be 2 cents, please.

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    I'm still retarded when it comes to using the Flash program, I've read books and tutorials and still can't "get it". I do better if I can SEE the process I guess.

    I also like flash for a little punch here and there, but I think a total flash site is still unseeable for a large majority of surfers. I did sign up at so that I can make a few doo dads. On the adult site I made a little graphics thing, and had a number of people tell me to shuck it and not use flash on a porn site. I like it, so it's staying .. LOL

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    personally not really a big fan..

    flash has some really cool purposes though.. I mean on movie sites, game sites stuff like that.. But on a porn site I don't think so.. You can get away with just as an effective effect using HTML and graphics that will load faster and be less CPU intensive on older computers.

    its all about holding their attention for the 2-3 seconds they are going to be looking at your page and if 1-2 seconds is for loading flash then I don't see how it is worth it

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