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Thread: Any gay webmaster get togethers?

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    Any gay webmaster get togethers?


    are there any events for webmasters who promote gay sites to get together?
    like cyberexpo or anything? even informal?
    be nice to do some networking...thanks

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    Hey Marc!

    Every once in while informal get togethers pop up.

    Last year Traffic Dude hosted a GREAT event in San Diego. There was a similar one in L.A. hosted by some companies.

    Lee and I and others are hoping to do an Central Florida get together soon, too (when it get's back to Florida weather)

    There was the first annual gay erotica expos in NY in 2002, so there should be another one this year. And rumor has it that there MAY be a gay webmaster only expo coming up soon.

    I'm going to come our contacts to see if anyone has anything in the works. As soon as I know more, I'll post the info ; )

    The GWW Diva

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    Hi Marc,

    I know April is a way off, but the Desert Forum will be chock-fulll-o gay webmaster events. I know Mansights is sponsoring a popsicle party.

    Dean @ TwinkCash : The affiliate program that pays, featuring

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