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Thread: Critique Please

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    Critique Please

    Hi guys. Can you give me some tips if this seems attractive to the gay male? Even if you're not into "interracial" or "prison sex", please tell me if there is a market for this out there:

    Thank you.

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    Hi Jennifer,

    Well aboyt marketing, i can't help you for that.
    As far as design goes... the colors are wrong. They would go well for a teen site (straight site) but not for gay... this is way too soft... you need to be agressive in the colors and font... other than that, pictures look good

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    Thank you for your input........I do agree with you about the colors. I'm not sure why I chose such pastels for such a "hardcore" site. Temporary lapse of insanity?

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    hahah no problem.. i make some mistakes also

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