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Thread: I want to give you free advertising!

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    Happy I want to give you free advertising!

    Hello my name is scott and I am the webmasater of I launched my TGP link site a couple of months ago and have been having a really hard time getting webmasters to the site to post links to their TGP pages. My site is user friendly and easy to use. My rules are simple, and I am not all strict about only having 10 pics or anything. I built this site to generate traffic! You give me traffic and I will give you traffic. I am also looking to trade banners with webmasters right now. If you want your banner displayed on my site, please email me You can post your TGP page links in real time at my site



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    virgin by request ;) Chilihost's Avatar
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    Ouch, your page hurts my eyes! it is very very yellow on an lcd monitor. Plus I think you should put something on your main page, it looks very barron.

    If you want some filler galleries for your gay surfers, you can pick up our hosted galleries at



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    HI xtcquest, i don't have any tgp sites, but i welcome you to the board

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