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Thread: Photoshop question

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    Photoshop question

    I finally made the leap to Photoshop. But I'm having problems with the eraser tool. If I've cut out an image, how do I replace parts of the image I've accidently erased? With Paintshop Pro all I have to do is right click while using the eraser tool... and Wah Lah... the image unerases the areas you drag it over.

    btw... I'm gonna have lots of questions:goof:

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    If you want to unerase what you just erased by mistake... you can always use the "history" and go back to where you want it to be... let me know if that helps you.

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    I just want to unerase small parts... bring back little parts... like if I accidently erased a finger.

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    I'm sorry but you can't... the history goes in order... if you go back till you have the finger back... it'll still also erase everything you erased after that finger You can't just unerase some parts you have to follow the history
    Not sure if i made myself clear

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    Well, that is really inflexible!

    So if I cut out an image with the magnetic lasso, there is no way to replace the null part of the image with the what used to be there? It is sooo easy with PSP... you can be sloppy when you trace around an image and just go back and unerase parts that were accidently cut.

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    So whatdo you do if you use the magnetic lasso and you just about finished tracing a big complicated image and it chops off a piece of the image?

    Is there an easier more reliable way to cleanly remove the background?

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    It's all about layers baby.

    Lasso what you want to keep with your complicated little lasso, then create a new layer from that selection (New layer -> via cut or copy).

    This leaves the original pic in-tact and you can just cut/paste/move additional portions.

    That's an off the top suggestion, but I think there's also an option to use a brush/eraser to pull info from another layer....


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    yeah that's what i would suggest: duplicate the layer you're gonna work with... so if you makle a mistake, just go back to the original one, copy the section you erased and paste it into your duplicated one.

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    Does Photoshop have a "cloning" tool? Where you can open two images and trace one as it appears in the second image?

    It's been a saviour for me trying to cut models and things out of backgrounds. But since Lee uses Photoshop and I use Paintshop it's doesn't make for an easy work environment LMAOPIP So if photo CAN do it, that's 3/4 of my reason to switch over covered. LOL



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    It sounds like I'll be sticking with PSP for cutting out images... it's too bad Photoshop can't do this easily... the magnetic lasso works so well, but I can never trace an image perfectly, hence the amputation of body parts.

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    I use the background eraser tools to get rid of unwanted photo parts. then use selection, copy merged, then paste over what ever image you need it for.. if you make mistakes here, it's easily taken care of with the eraser tool once again.. The Magic Lasso in PS is a bitch to use.. :crybaby:

    Note:*too get a 3D look to your selected image you can do layer options and go all out with a beveled look, even highlight the outter edges. COOL IMO...:bow:

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    Ok... the background eraser sucks, too! Maybe I'm just an uncoordinated slob or PSP is just plain better for cutting out images! This is soooo frustrating! There HAS to be a simple way to put back parts of the image that were accidently removed!

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    I never said it would be easy to use. with a little patients any thing is possible in PS. You can resize the brushes for erasing, do a one click background removal and other cool things.

    Lasso the image and do select, copy merged and place into image and erase away...of course if you use the Magic Lasso it will cut into darker areas as if this isn't part of the photo (I think that is what you are reffering to). Use the Lasso Tool that you trace the desired image with. Don't forget the Variations and Color Adjusting so your images are in color and contrast with each other.. Layering Images in the correct order and erasing background is a time consuming process.'s well worth it... I usually set aside one whole day for creating front splash, tours, and content area graphics for one site.

    I have paint shop pro 6 and I use it for batch conversion of images but it's not my favorite image editing software..


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    I appreciate all of the tips and I apologize for my frustration. But you know how it is when you start to use a new piece of software. I'm cutting out an image right now in PSP7 :goof: (never use PSP8... very buggy and unstable). I'm gonna have to ease into Photoshop... it really is a different way to work.

    If you can get a copy of PSP7, try cutting out an image with the smart edge lasso. I use 2 or 3 px for feathering and then I go back around the image with the eraser at 11px, opacity 20, hardness 0, density 100 and I feather out the image some more. When you get to a part that was accidently erased, right click the mouse while using the eraser and the image comes back from oblivion! Easy!

    ** Note to Adobe... implement this in the next update and I will love you!

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    I've found the easiest way to do that is to approximate the cut out with the lassoo, then zoom in with a small eraser and get rid of the excess parts I don't want.

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