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Thread: Away for a bit...

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    Away for a bit...

    Hey everyone!

    I'm off to NY for a family wedding this weekend. I'll be away from Fri - Tues.

    Lee's staying home to puppy sit. Which sucks because I really want him to be there but the only kennel available isn't a good one.

    So if you need anything contact him.

    Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Have a great weekend!

    My best,

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    Thanks Gary-Alan Have a great time in NY and talk to you next week
    Have a safe trip.

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    Have a nice time G-A!

    Next time you go out of town, try a pet sitter. When we go out of town, we have a doggy door so the dogs can go out back to do their business. And three times a day a nice lady shows up and gives them treats and takes them for a walk. They love her because she only does fun things with them. It's a little more expensive than a kennel, but I think it's worth it... just make sure it's someone you trust!

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    You do realize by 'gay' I mean a man who has sex with other men?
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    LMAO @ Pet Sitter.

    Liquorice would damn near kill the poor person after half an hour

    Not through trying to be mean but the fact she is so damn playful and energetic its unreal.

    Last week GA's mom came over for a little while with Dad and the dog just went mental and jamp on her while she was sat on the couch.

    Unfortunately i think we have one of those kennel or one of the two of us stay at home pups



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    have a nice time and enjoy your
    vacation, NY rocks :bandana:

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