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Thread: Anybody Got A Copy of This Months Klixxx?

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    You do realize by 'gay' I mean a man who has sex with other men?
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    Anybody Got A Copy of This Months Klixxx?

    Apparently there is a write up on GA in it?

    If you have a copy lying around could you fax the artile to me if i give you the number please



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    I can only find that one:

    "November 20, 2003
    Vegas Internext 2004 Giveaway

    (Cyberspace) - Gay Wide Webmasters ( will be pulling out the virtual ruler. And, sizing up the longest forum thread. The Gay Wide Webmaster, who starts what becomes the longest thread, will win a pass to the January Internext Expo, in the Las Vegas.

    The longest thread will be judged as one that has the most posts/replies, not counting the administrators or your own. Information is not necessarily a factor, but is always welcome! Your thread can be made in any of the forums (general, content, design, tech or traffic), it simply needs to be the longest!

    Come over to Gay Wide Webmasters and win a pass to Internext. Will you have the longest one? We all have until December 1, 2003 to find out!

    The new forums, and moderators, at Gay Wide Webmasters have the place jumping. Winning is always great, but learning and communicating with colleagues is just as important. And the new forums are just that a great place to learn, share and speak up.

    Visit the forums at where you can learn, share and WIN!"

    I think it was last week's issue

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    never mind! just noticed it was one of your post hehehe
    Well i just woke up so deal with it!!!! :goof:

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