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Thread: 18-20 yr old content

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    Ding Dong

    I Wonder? 18-20 yr old content

    Hi, Im new, so heres a little intro and a question for all.

    Special hi to Don, I've bought plenty from Ounique, and the personal attention, service, selection, is second to none. Didnt buy anything this month thou, no specials - I guess you needed a break hey?

    I've been buying content for ages, and recently its been getting more sporadic. Studios seem to be closing down, or not updating for months on end. Trying to find a list of providers thats up to date is almost impossible.

    I tend to buy two types of content, yer buffed up corn-fed hunks 25-35, and underfed east european 18-20 year olds. the hunks are no problem to find, but the younger european stuff is getting more and more difficult.

    But, when I see TGPs, free hosted galleries, AVS's - there appears to be a never ending supply of these boys (without site logos/copyrights ie not licenced). Where do they "steal" them from?

    and more importantly, where can I buy them from?

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    Hey Ding Dong,

    I don't know if your intrested in live content, but I produce a great live feed that uses a lot of guys like you where looking for. Since it's a leased content package I don't know if it's something that you'd want to try out..?

    So far, all the sites that have my feeds are telling me that it's one of the top 2 watch feeds on their site. So it might be something worth taking a look at. =o)
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    Probably you like to check out the stuff at
    Specialy the video stuff you will not find anywhere else

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    Ding Dong ( love the name)

    You might like to head over to let Cecil know where you came from and he will sort you out a sweet deal too



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