GA Media Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of their new adult webmaster resource site, Anime Resources,

Bestat of Exclusive Content,, who is quite well known for her work in the adult anime marketplace, has teamed up with GA Media to operate Anime Resources. Bestat will manage all aspects of the resource site from concept to forums.

"Who wouldn't be happy to work with Bestat? We are so very pleased with this new business relationship and resource. Having the opportunity to build a close business relationship, with our longtime friend, is something we are all looking forward to. Her knowledge of the internet, the adult industry and of course the Anime Market will bring major benefit to the site and webmasters, both current and future, who work work the toon niche.", said Gary-Alan, President of GA Media Corp.

Anime Resources is the first fully functional webmaster resource dedicated to cater the adult anime marketplace - a market which has seen rapid growth over the last 18 months. Anime Resources will offer the adult webmaster community the chance to learn about this truly unique niche through tutorials, forums discussions and future hands on learning projects. An all
inclusive resource dedicated to the anime webmasters has been longover due. GA Media and Bestat are happy to make this happen.

For more information about Anime resources, you can contact Bestat at Bestat @ or visit the site at