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    Promoting your site

    Hey all,

    Just replied to the AVS thread, but wanted to start a bit of discussion along a different line. As I said in that thread, I work hard to get good search engine rankings. It's been a long, slow, hard process, but I'm there. I've got fairly decent rankings in Google and I get good traffic.

    However, there's been a shift at Google and the webmasters are screaming (all kinds of webmasters, not just adult ones) because changes in the algorithms have killed a lot of sites that were spammy or over optimized.

    It's pretty scary, and I've been thinking that I'm in a precarious position at the moment because I've got all of my eggs in the Google basket. Sure, I've got good rankings in some of the other search engines as well, but there's not a lot of traffic coming from them. So, I want to diversify and start finding other ways to promote my site.

    I'm just not sure where to begin. When I started I put my sites with Hunk Hunters, it got me a lot of traffic, but no sales, so I dumped their banners. And that's the problem, I don't want to litter my site with dozens of banners. And so many of the link lists and adult directories look like hell, so what's a guy to do? I also wonder about whether some of these link lists and directories will hurt my search engine rankings.

    What's TGP? Is there somewhere I can go to get a good explanation of what they are and how they work?

    Other suggestions?

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    Best explanation for TGPs would be over at Cozy Academy. I'm sure Gary-Alan will forgive me for posting that here, since I know he allows the folks on Cozy to post about this board there ... if not, hurt me


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    Trap your Traffic:
    and I'm not talking about misleading links either. What traffic you get, you should try to keep. If I followed my own advice I would probably profit more.

    Once you get the traffic to your pages you want to create a link that you can entice them to go to if they don't want to purchase from you. I use a site hub ( all my sites are listed and described here). Keep them in your loop, not someone elses.

    And another thing.. The reason sales have drop is because of TGP's and PIC POSTS. Too Much Free Content!!! why should people purchase a AES(adult entertainment service) when they can just visit free thumbnail galleries and movie posts. :groovy:

    OUTSTER & XXXCOUNTER are great traffic sources but ratios are HIGH>>>
    maybe 1:100 will purchase from you.
    Pull out all the stops: Use every sponsor you can to get the sale.
    e-mail programs, dialers, pay-sites, free memberships, etc.

    Adult entertainment is moving towards movies: free movie clips linked to movie download purchases, rentals or dvd and vhs purchases.
    this can also be used in your content galleries as added bonus.

    MY 2 CENTS

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    I've been in SEO for years, and what Google has recently done surprises me not one bit.
    I really don't get how or why some people are screaming bloody murder. Google always does this. Some of these webmasters or SEO experts I talk to on other discussion boards or know professionally seem to have a very short memory.
    For example... it used to be the case that hidden keyword-rich text (text that was the same color as the background) could sneak you up in the search engines and get you higher ranking. That was the favored SEO technique for many, and it worked for awhile. But then the SEs got smart and started punishing people for that.
    This all is no different. If your site is over optimized through means other than real content, real value, real structure, and real relevance, you get punished.
    It's why, as an SEO professional for 4 years, I've never been a fan of overoptimization. It works in the shortrun but hurts you in the long.

    I've seen, after this whole Google dance, my average page rank for 35 sites I either handle or consult on SEO for increase by over 2 (on the Google 1-10 PR scale). Not one of those 35 sites has been dropped from the index. And vertical index movement weights heavily in favor of up as opposed to down.

    So... well I feel quite happy with what took place at Google this last week

    You are definitely right, however, with the idea of not putting all your eggs in to the same basket.
    It applies to SEO just as much as with overall online marketing.

    For example, why neglect the other search engines? If you can have a top 3 position on a smaller search engine, that might get you just as much traffic if not more than a second page spot on Google. Optimize for all, not just one. And don't over optimize. All the little "tricks" to search engine optimization have to be applied with a great deal of discretion. There is no substitute for real content - something that benefits you in the search engines but is also a very tangible aspect of your site. Not just a bogus gateway page or crap links. But a "gateway" page that in and of itself is a standalone, informative, substantive site that contains some real content but also sends people to your site and gives you added SE-friendly relevance. Links that bring you real traffic but also would help you with the Google link variable.

    And affiliate programs are just as useful today as they ever were.

    Alas, that's just my 2 cents

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