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Thread: Anyone know this sponsor?

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    I Wonder? Anyone know this sponsor?

    Hey Guys!

    I stumbled on a unique and pretty well converting sponsor and they only have one pop-up which doesnít open a thousand more and doesnít trap the user. I tried them out and I got some nice results with just some not so good TGP traffic just look at my stats attached to this post. They paid me on time didnít deduct anything, have good member retention and give webmasters 60% of revenue, although on their webpage it says 50% but it isnít so because I get 60%. On top of that they use CCBill for stats and processing have unique promotional content, premade galleries, weekly updates and regular weekly paychecks.

    Give them a try and please use my code if you join. Thank you and good luck! My Code is 385597

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    How many boards *DID* you spam this on?

    I've visited several today and on every single one of them you've spammed this with your sponsor code.

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