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Thread: straight webmasters marketing to gay sites

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    straight webmasters marketing to gay sites

    Kewl, a new threaded board

    I have instructed my promotion person to post an announcment for our radio show today in the announcment folder, so I won't bog down your main board here, but I thought I'd open up the conversation here for any tips that I might be able to add to the show today about how straight webmasters can better market gay. Any links on good articles or resources here or elsewhere on this subject?

    GaryAlan - you are invited and encouraged to come out to the show if you want. I was looking up the last time you were on Script School and it was like January of 2001!

    We've never properly focused on the gay market and today's show hopes to change that. I think there is a huge opportunity in the gay market for newer webmasters -- no matter whether they are gay or not (though for some reason I'm not quite sure I understand this topic too often seems to matter).

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    Bummer, my sig didn't show! I must have done something wrong (and here I am the tech guy )

    The checkbox was present, btw, that said I wanted to add my signature.

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    I wish I knew about it sooner!!! i would have loved to be there. And It has been a VERY LONG TIME since I've been on script school!

    Next time, perhaps

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    hi TDavid! It's so strange to see you outside of ANS!

    You look GREAT in purple!

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    hehe Buckwild, I get out to the other boards from time to time. I actually have some 40 different adult webmaster boards currently bookmarked on this machine alone. You might be surprised if you look in the archives of some of the boards out there to find my name in many, many places

    We'll get you on the next one GaryAlan

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    40 board?
    You give a new meaning to Board addict

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    Board addict? Er, no ... I said, bookmarked, I didn't say I posted at 40 different boards hehe

    I'm currently lucky if I post at a dozen different ones in a month's time. But I'm trying to get better about getting out there more often I do business with webmasters so it is kind of important that I'm not hiding under my desk

    Also, one won't meet as many new people by hanging out at the same places all the time

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    I like to keep my bookmarks fairly tidy. If I think a board is not worth the space in my favourites, I drop it! I currently have 14 boards in my bookmarks, but I only really post at 6 of them.

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