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Thread: bookmarking script screws up AVS code

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    bookmarking script screws up AVS code

    Hi all,

    Anyone have any idea why the following bookmarking script would stop my MANcheck AVS code from appearing on the page. The bookmarking script is off to the left of my page in my navigation section. The MANcheck code is on the right side of the page in another table cell. It's there is design mode, when I preview it, there's blank space.

    <script language="JavaScript"><!--
    var txt = "Bookmark"
    var url = ""
    var who = "My description"
    var ver = navigator.appName
    var num = parseInt(navigator.appVersion)
    if ((ver == "Microsoft Internet Explorer")&&(num >= 4)) {
    document.write('<a href="javascript:window.external.AddFavorite(url,w ho);" ');
    document.write('onMouseOver=" window.status=')
    document.write("txt; return true ")
    document.write('"onMouseOut=" window.status=')
    document.write("' '; return true ")
    document.write('">'+ txt + '</a>')
    txt += " (Ctrl+D)"


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    Dzinerbear, I think your attachment or code insertion kinda screwed up this posting. Do you have a link or something where we can check it out?



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