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Thread: So What Do You Look For.....

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    You do realize by 'gay' I mean a man who has sex with other men?
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    So What Do You Look For.....

    In a paysite if you are going to buy a membership?

    Do you look at the content, the tour or something else?

    Im not talking about from a webmasters point of view but rather from a buyers perspective.

    I generally sign up if two criteria are met, some good models on the tour, one that arent on every other site out there and also some good ways of censorign the pics, i actually dont want to see everything a site has to offer on the tour pages but would rather see some pics of a guy with some censored areas, leaves a bit more to my imagination

    So how about you?



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    I personally have a hard time understanding why most paysites actually sell. I mean, there is so much free porn out there that there is no real reason to join a paysite. That being said, the only paysite I have ever thought about joining focused on a microniche that really tickled my fancy and used models that I had not seen before in rather revealing pics, but it was enough for me to want to join....but of course I did not!

    I think the microniche market is really important, the tour is somewhat but not totally important, but the #1 thing is content inside - its a hell of a lot easier to sell your existing members a rebill than it is to sell a new membership. I also think most paysites forget about that last point. Personally I would love to have only a handfull of new signups a day if all my members stay for 6+ months!



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    I would only sign up to a reality paysite... with cute models or average models with huge cocks or in an original situation, something interesting... not just the average guys fucking and surely not the sets of pictures with 1 guy in 1 million positions that ends with him jacking off and cum, god this is so boring... i could get that free on the web... no what i'm looking for are interesting and original pics and videos... ok i need a cold shower now

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