Hey All.
Just figured as your trusty Mod I'd post a little bit of a "tutorial" here.

Today's topic... portal sites!

Have a look at JuicyGoo , a new site I've built over the last week or so.
It's essentially a portal/gateway site that serves 2 main purposes:
- Traffic generation
- Search Engine Optimization

It has a very simple structure and format without frames or any such structural elements. It's pure HTML - no javascript, no SHTML, no PHP, no ASP, nothing dynamic or anything of the sort.

Keeping this very basic structure along with HTML is for the sake of SEO. Keyword rich content - substantive content (articles and reviews), linking patterns, ample text (instead of overly graphics heavy). It not only helps for SEO of JuicyGoo proper, but also the sites linked to by it - the paysites that are the ultimate intended beneficiaries of this portal site.

Also, the site isn't too obviously a portal. It has its own content - free content. It has substance - reviews, galleries, articles, etc. Users who go to it tend to stay there awhile, come back often, and visit destination links with great frequency.
The galleries are the main draw for people always hungry for free porn - cheap bastards! But the site's designed in a way to give these users plenty of opportunity to see products and sites I'm promoting while going to the galleries and offers up plenty of "distraction" by the sites and products JuicyGoo exists to promote.

I like to call it a "mega portal". An entirely self-sufficient, standalone site with its own content, appeal, purpose for the visitor's sake - but with an entirely different and equally as important purpose for the webmasters' sake.

Take a look around it if you'd like. Feel free to ask any questions.