Ok, I took a break today, cuddled up in my warm bed with a slew of cats (real feline ones guys... so don't go there)and watched some favorite shows for a couple of hours. It's like 4:30 in the afternoon, during a rerun of Star Trek Next Generation and they cut to a commercial. All of a sudden I'm looking at a very young attractive black woman on the corner of a busy street ... naked. Breasts are pixilated fuzzy, and only thing covering her thatch is the Virgin Mobile Phone package she keeps moving around just enough to let you know she isn't wearing a thong.

Now just last week there was a post on another adult webmaster board where a guy asked for a site critique. He had heavy duty hardcore on his warning page. Comments were that he needed to tone that down to softcore. I had suggested pixilating or putting up "something" to cover genitals for the warning and then remove them once folk got deeper into the tour or save it for the members pages.

Another poster said that even that wasn't considered legally safe for preventing a minor from seeing nudity. And sure enough, over on the adult law board, the very first movie says don't do the pixelation. And here we are on a Saturday afternoon, during a show kids love to watch, seeing just that.

I don't know that there's a point to this ... but wanted to toss this out for discussion. What happens to laws we have to obey online, when TV just does whatever it wants? ... they sure didn't flash a warning page!